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Our main task is to provide fast and reliable support to our clients, regardless of their location around the world. We are committed to each of them and we offer installation and commissioning of machines, while at the same time we conduct training for the correct settings and operating mode. This also includes individual consultations, personalized for each client for the purpose of improving the production process, modernization and automation in order to minimize production costs. We also offer remote technical support – through remote connection to the control systems integrated in the machines. We are always here for our clients and we work together!

Spare parts
The machines manufactured in INVENTTECH Ltd are extremely flexible in terms of changing the shape, size or appearance of the packaging. The modular design we have implemented allows easy and quick replacement of individual units, so our clients can change the packaging design easily and without problems. We always keep basic supplies in stock so that we can respond quickly to any need. This is part of our commitment to them. We always offer original parts with guaranteed quality and warranty period. All machines, units and parts are subject to 100% quality control and testing so that we can be safe and certain for our clients.
Compatibility and Monitoring

The machines manufactured by INVENTTECH Ltd can support the PackML/ TR88.02.00 standard, which makes them absolutely compatible with any system that supports this standard. PackML or Packaging Machine Language was introduced as early as 2003. This standard allows the exchange of information between different machines in one production facility. INVENTTECH Ltd offers setting up SCADA systems for overall management and monitoring of production. They allow for local and remote control of the parameters of automated technological processes. The platform we use allows for holistic monitoring, data collection and processing in real time, as well as event recording. This system can directly communicate and interact with field devices via a human-machine interface. INVENTTECH Ltd offers a holistic solution for production management and monitoring.