Pre-Made Pouch Machine

ITH 500

ITH 500 is a packaging machine, which can fill almost everything in packages.

The packages it uses have been manufactured in advance. They can be used as stand-up pouches, glued on three or four sides. Depending on the dispenser, which the machine is equipped with, it can be used for filling bulk or liquid products. ITH 500 has been designed so that it can be reformatted easily depending on the size and shape of the package, which allows for a little downtime and great flexibility in the production process.


ITH 500 can work with a wide variety of packages – dimensions from 90X120mm to 200X300mm, with or without a zipper.

The packaging machines is driven almost entirely by servo motors which ensures high reliability and minimum necessity for maintenance. The conveyer transport system which drives the grabbers and respectively the packages moves them through the different stations from forming the package until sealing, ensures higher productivity – up to 60 packages/minute. The rotation filling station provides additional time for filling the product into the packages.

ITH 500 is the perfect solution for new production, it can work independently, as well as a module of ITH 1200.



Transport systemServo driven conveyer belt
Package sizeFrom 90X120 to 200X300
Filling stationRotary funnels
Machine size3250X1270X2047
Electricity consumption11 kW
Supply voltage400V/50-60Hz/N+G/3Ph
Control systemLenze Gmbh, др. по заявка
Noise level<70dB


Granulated products

Pre-made packagings are a perfect option for storage of staple foods, spices, different granulated and finely ground products. They make it possible to preserve the quality and prevent intake of air and humidification. This type of packaging is compact for storage and long-term storage. Zipper closure allows for repeated use of the product and afterwards the remainder stays protected from outside influences and UV rays.

Diet food, nuts and dried fruit

The finished packagings are very suitable for nuts, dried fruit and diet food. Packagings with various sizes and volume are offered. They provide a possibility for subsequent packaging of single portions and additives. Tight sealing of the package prevents external influence and change in the quality of the product. Repeated sealing of the packagings is convenient for storage and a guarantee for preserving the valuable nutritional values of the product. A single machine can pack goods in packagings as diverse as possible.


The finished packagings HFFS works with are also suitable for sweets and mini snacks as diverse as possible. They can also find application in chocolate desserts, biscuits wafers, candy, etc. The single doses and sachets are very convenient for consumers. They are also applicable in pharmaceutical goods- vitamins, protein supplements, cosmetics, instant drinks – coffee, tea, juice, sugar, honey, etc. A wide variety of packagings and products with a single HFFS machine.

Pet food

HFFS is the right solution for packing as diverse as possible products. This also includes pet food. The finished packaging is suitable for both bigger quantities and single portions. The precise closure of the packaging allows for repeated consumption with a guarantee for food nutritional value. Easy and convenient for transportation and storage.

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